this is a test blog

Right okay. If you are reading this any time soon, you’ve probably stumbled here by complete and utter accident and are wondering what the heck (or other more choice words) is this all about? Well to be frank tonight. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

It’s the internet equivalent of  stumbling into the kebab shop on a night out and thinking, “I don’t know how I got here, the content looks naff but hey ho, a donnar please, no salad.” Only to be told that all that’s left is the salad!  This is my first blog, and to be honest I am probably going to ramble an awful lot in the future about all sorts of random things, such as the desire to be a writer (though I wont be posting any plots ideas!), the odd photograph I shot and maybe general musings from all things as random as faith, banjo music and the general frustrations of being a family man to two polar opposite children and husband of a wife who was raised in the castle while I was raised in the woods.

I love all these things dearly by the way, but if you want any great insights to any of them, you’ve probably already realized you’ve come to the wrong blog. Hopefully the title may give a clue that I’m not going to be overtly deep about any of it. This really is an overspill from my facebook page when I post statuses that Tolstoy would be envious of. Hence the reason I have never mastered the art of tweeting!

The purpose of this first blog was really just to set it up, try it out. See what works and what doesn’t. It’s supposed to be free but I’ve had to fork out for the domain name. I thought it was catchy but obviously not very original as someone beat me to it and I’ve had to opt for onemanandhisblogblog, I think the extra blog has its own satisfying ring to it.

Anyway, this is shaping up to be like the solitary letter I wrote to one my best friends when he went to uni and all I did was talk about how good it was i had eventually gotten round to writing him a letter. He only ever got that one. Let’s hope there are a couple of you who read this and want to read more. I promise next time I’ll bring some donner meat.

So if you have stuck it out this long, you deserve some sort of reward. What better way than to reward you with a picture of a cute puppy running?  Everyone likes cute dogs so here’s one.


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